AFKAR for Trading & Consulting"

"Ideas for Better Life"

  • Who We Are:

AFKAR is a national company for trading & consulting services registered and licensed to operate in Syria in accordance with humanity principles, values and practices universally recognized, with full compliance to the rules and regulations in Syria. We offer a variety of consulting services in the economic, social and humanitarian fields, to be reliable provider of info and guidance to stakeholders and customers. We work as a strategic partner for organizations, companies and individuals to meet their needs, ambitions and aspirations and support business owners to move steadily towards their goals.

  • Our Vision:

We`re looking forward to take leading position in the field of consulting and specialized studies to provide unprecedented consulting service that help our customers to achieve their goals based on real experience. On the other hand we provide them knowledge and skills which lead to excellence in performance using newest technologies available. Furthermore, we provide the scientific and practical solutions needed to achieve the highest work quality standards.

  • Our Mission:

AFKAR has a strategic mission based on providing the appropriate environment to ensure development of thought when providing consulting services and specialized studies, in addition to develop human resources and logistical support services, in order to achieve advanced levels of integrated consultancy. AFKAR seeks to build a long-term relationship with all customers, that we always provide wide prospects, and diverse and integrated services.

Through its permanent development initiatives, and its social responsibilities, AFKAR has taken the alleviation of Syrians` suffering as a compass to direct all of its development interests and activities, in order to contribute effectively in achieving sustainable development.

  • What We Do?

- Consulting Services:

1. Monitoring & Evaluation: for economic, social and humanitarian activities provided by companies and organizations, in order to improve the quality and accountability of those efforts in front of founders, donors and beneficiaries. This will assure that we are on the right track making those activities: sound and appropriate, coordinated and integrated, effective and timely, and building capacity based on participation and communication with targeted people.

2. Statistics & Reports: In addition of being the basis of the decision-making process, accurate information and databases about targeted sectors to reveal deficiencies and methods of appropriate interventions, are the sound base of preparing reports with helpful information and recommendation.

3. Studies & Indicators: relying on accurate data to build key indicators on economic and social variables, which would be a trends of the evolution of phenomena, and thus to anticipate necessary actions to promote what is positive and avoid what is negative.

- Marketing Services:

1. Market Studies: Providing information about the product (service) market, competitors, specifications of similar products (services), prices, supply volume, current and future demand.

2. Promotion Plans: We develop appropriate promotion plans to ensure reaching all targeted groups, in order to promote the product (service) features according to a specific timetable.

3. Advertisement & Media Plans: We offer a variety of advertising & Media means to disseminate knowledge about the product (service).

4. Field Team: Our distinguished field team is trained in the electronic technologies approved by AFKAR for this purpose. Our highly experienced and geographically distributed marketing team gives you an unprecedented opportunity to move to new levels of sales, product (service) promotion, improve your competition in the markets, and provide you recommendations and actions you have to take.

- Logistic Support Services: Including: organizing events and their requirements, correspondence and facilitating trade exchanges through services that allow the meeting between producers and customers, management of the third party management, and providing smart technical solutions.

- Capacity Building: Conducting training in several general and specialized fields, providing logistical support for training activities and specialized trainers suitable for each of the required training areas.

  • Our Social Responsibilities:

AFKAR adopts social responsibility based on active contribution to sustainable development and resilience enhancement. We are looking forward to a new bright shining of Syria, where the human is the end and the mean, based on empowerment of all people, to alleviate their suffering through re-establish their lives and restore livelihoods, in ways that respect them and enhance their contribution to re-build Syria in all sectors:

  • Enhancing resilience and early recovery: Enhance the resilience during the crisis by undermining poverty and hunger, create jobs, and improve the livelihoods and early recovery initiatives.
  • Child protection and education: Protection and empowerment of Syrian children everywhere, to keep them away from conflict, and to help them complete their education by offering everything can be provided.
  • Health Sector: Cannot imagine the size of the damage caused by the crisis in the health sector, AFKAR will refer the status and problems of health sector in different regions and identify different needs.
  • conducting studies to describe the reality of water supply in terms of quantity and quality, and the status of sanitation and hygiene, we can work with a number of partners in order to describe water infrastructure on which more than 17 million people in Syria depend.
  • Energy sources: The loss in the energy sector reflected on all other productive and services sectors, AFKAR would move to propose projects about alternative renewable energy sources to contribute in fill part of the energy gap in Syria.
  • Gender Considerations and Women Empowerment: Under Syrian crisis, the issue of women empowerment has become an absolute necessity, girls and women have to get some help to go ahead. Women has been forced by crisis to support their families and to face unusual conditions. Hence, they cannot remain outside economic and social activities. Accordingly, AFKAR intends to consider gender integration in the design of proposed projects.
  • Food Security: The crisis in Syria has caused substantial damage to the agricultural production and food trade, causing various degrees of food insecurity to approximately 10 million Syrians. Poor families are increasingly facing difficulties in obtaining their basic food needs due to low purchasing power, and loss of income and livelihoods. AFKAR intends to propose appropriate intervention projects to maintain agricultural activity.